Webhostingbuzz reviews and ratings (5 years hosted)

This Webhostingbuzz review is hosted. This review site is unique and previously hosting with them to provide real life tests. We have been using their services since year 2008. All these valuable experience are recorded down in this here. All verdicts here are based on our own research, and it is fully unbiased and based on true facts. Over the years, we have collected customer feedback comments and validate it before making it available here. This site can be a great source for true and honest testimonials. Besides that, we have a few coupons and promotion codes that able to offer some discount for your signup too.

homepage 2 One dollar reseller plan offer

Is Webhostingbuzz really that good? With more than 30,000 clients and over 250,000 hosted domains, it is safe to say that they are ranked as one of the most trustworthy and sought after web host companies in the online environment. The company was founded more than a decade ago, and over the past 13 years it has offered a wide array of high quality services and packages at prices for all pockets.

In spite of having offices all across the United States and Europe, the company’s headquarters are located in Auburn, Massachusetts, and it also operates data centers in four other locations. The company was initially founded by Safvan Malik, and it is now managed by Matt Russel, who is the chief executive officer. The company has started to expand itself in Europe back in 2012, and it now has data centers in Amsterdam and Nottingham.

This is an experience web hosting company with excellent products. They’re offering great products and services since 2002 and they’re now home to over 200,000 websites world wide. Now there are Magento, Joomla, e-commerce and Django optimized plans to choose from. And most importantly, they are having widest range of hosting products for all types of applications.

  • Budget shared hosting from $4.95 a month.
  • WordPress hosting from $4.95 a month.
  • Reseller hosting from as low as $1 dollar first month.
  • VPS hosting from $14.95 per month.
  • Dedicated server from $59.50 per month.

Webhostingbuzz review on shared hosting. The basic plan that we’re using is permitting 2 domains, and the higher power plan allows unlimited domains. They provide free cPanel control panel, free domain name and allow multiple sites hosting. This web hosting price start from $4.95 per month and it includes 400 gigabytes storage space and unlimited bandwidth. It also includes free cPanel and Softaculous installer software. They use the most secure data centres with high performance dual xeon 8-ways server.

Here are the three shared hosting plans available:

  • Buzz light from $4.95 per month.
    It includes 400 gigabytes storage space and allows 2 websites in one account. This is the cheapest plan and recommended for smaller website that is just getting started.
  • Buzz power from $6.95 per month.
    This is an unlimited plan and it comes with unlimited storage, bandwidth and domains in one account. This is the most popular plan recommended for busy blog or forum. It is suitable for wide range of websites.
  • Buzz premier from $9.95 per month.
    This is unlimited domain plan for business use. This is designed for developer and businesses online that look for performance web hosting for their high traffic sites and support variety of applications.

There are currently three packages that are being offered under this segment. Buzz light is ideal for small business firms and starts from $4.95 per month, which allows a storage disk space of 400 gigabytes and unlimited bandwidth. The power and premier are best for large scale businesses and busy websites, starting from $6.95 per month and $9.95 per month respectively. Both of these plans offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth along with unlimited websites. So, these plans are just ideal for people, who don’t like any kind of restrictions as far as web hosting is concerned.


Webhostingbuzz review on features and specification. As mentioned above, this web hosting company offers three main hosting plans that customers can opt for. The basic plan is the most affordable one, and it includes unlimited bandwidth, 400 gigabytes of disk space, and it also allows you to install over 300 web applications and add four extra features of your choice.

The power package on the other hand, is by far the most appreciated one among blog and forum users who want minimal downtime. It is featuring unlimited disk space, bandwidth and free website domain names; this package also allows you to install more than 300 different web apps. Last, but not least, the premier plan is a high performance package designed for the busiest and most demanding websites, businesses and applications: it features all the functions and benefits of the power package and, in addition to those, it also allows users to opt for 11 extra features to take their personalized hosting service to the next level.

Webhostingbuzz review on WordPress hosting. There is no other web hosts that offer this much of WordPress hosting services, at here they are offering 4 WordPress optimized hosting plans. Its all designed for bloggers, easy to use, and come with WordPress 1-click installer. Here are the plans available:

  • WP Light – suitable for small blogger with up to 5,000 monthly visits.
  • WP Power – suitable for blogger with up to 25,000 monthly visits.
  • WP Multi-site – Host multiple blogs and reseller this WordPress hosting to your clients.
  • WP VPS – suitable for professional bloggers that demand server root access.

Webhostingbuzz review on reseller hosting. Under this segment, you can offer your own web hosting services or host your own websites under a single plan. Plans currently being offered under reseller hosting are light, power, premiere and ultimate plans. You can avail the basic package for $12.95 per month, power packge for $22.95 per month, premiere package for $32.95 per month or the ultimate package for $42.95 per month; with $1 per month for the first month for all.

Webhostingbuzz review on VPS and dedicated servers. There are 7 different packages that are being offered by this server provider as of 2015. The cheapest plan starts for $14.95 per month and extends till $104.95 per month.

High performance dedicated servers keep your server running flawlessly so that you don’t have to worry a bit about the working of your website. Under this segment, the server will be deployed within few hours on the same day of placing an order. As far as concerned, you can choose servers from single processor to dual processor, which contains various types of processor plan under them.

Webhostingbuzz review on customer support quality. When it comes to the customer support service, this web hosting company has always risen to the highest standards of quality with a team of engineers that cater for every single technical issue customers may encounter, they offer unlimited, 24×7 customer support. Every customer can reach the support department either via telephone or live chat or via email. There are various support and customer service departments across Europe and the United States, and customers can benefit from fast, professional and tailored services at any time of the day or night, with minimal waiting time.

Webhostingbuzz review on user rating. Along with the above mentioned features, there are some added features that make this company one of the best server providers. To start with, it offers a 24×7 customer support throughout the year and 99.99 percent uptime. In an addition, they also offer a 45 day money back guarantee to ensure you meet all your requirements appropriately. They have been nominated as the most popular WordPress hosting and has been nominated for various awards. This clearly state why you need to have a server under this company and what are its benefits.

We have been using their shared hosting for over five years and will continue to use this for many years to come. This is one reliable cPanel hosting plan and worth the money paid for. Another good advantage is this plan allows multiple domains hosting and this make the plan worth even more. From our real web hosting experience, testing and reviews… we have concluded the following rating and score. In overall, we are highly satisfied with this web hosting service.

user rating

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Keyword Density And Why It Matters?

Keywords are the foundations of an SEO structure and they play a very important role in a website article. The keyword density shows the percentage of the appearance of a keyword or a keyword phrase in a particular content. For example, if your article has 100 words in it and a certain keyword has appeared twice in that article, then the keyword density is 2 percent.

Keyword density gives out a signal to the search engines, that your article is based on a certain specific topic (which is the targeted keyword). Apart from the keyword density, there are certain other important aspects of writing an appropriate website content.

The web content of your site surely plays a very important part in your business. Error-free copy of an article is an essential aspect of your marketing effort.

  1. Research well: If you wish to write great contents, you will need to keep on researching. Even when you are not writing, you need to continue your research to improve your ideas and writing quality. Browse the web and gather the resources which you can use as your reference materials. You should also practice developing your own unique content.
  2. Refer to dictionary.com: It has been seen that many words are misused in web articles on a regular basis. So, referring to the dictionary is important, so that, you can be sure of the meaning of the words that you are using in your article.
  3. Do not stuff keywords: Keywords are surely very important, but if you stuff them in your article, they are bound to look awkward. It also increases the chances of making your sentences grammatically incorrect.
  4. Use hyperlink to show your reference: If you are referring to the content of another website, make sure you hyperlink back to the site, otherwise, it may be considered as stealing. Using hyperlink is the correct thing to do and it can even help you get the backlinks.
  5. Avoid self-editing your writing: It is always advisable to ask someone else for editing your article. However, if you have to carry out both the tasks, do not do the editing right away. Put it away and get back to it after several hours or maybe another day.

A powerful site structure improves your chances of getting high ranking in the search engines. Thus, you need to create a site which looks more appealing to its users and get the best search engine result page listings and rankings possible.

Users look for websites which have everything arranged properly and logically, so that, they can locate everything easily. If your site can really appeal to your users, it will automatically appeal to the search engine. The Google algorithm provides ranks to the websites based on the information gathered from the users.

Features of a good site structure:

  1. Create a logical roadmap: You should be very clear about how your website should work. Once you map out a design for your website, show it to someone to check whether it is looking logical and intuitive.
  2. Clear navigation: A website will become useless unless it has a clear navigation. Choose the names for your website pages which are easy to understand and logical.
  3. Include menu links: Drop down menu is an essential part of a well-designed layout and an easy-to-follow navigation. Almost all the websites have a menu bar placed on their horizontal navigation bar. Some websites have the basic WordPress Menu, which others have customized their WordPress menu bar. The customized ones allow people to see a drop down list of links to other contents.
  4. Use anchor texts: Anchor texts are clickable texts and once we click on them, they lead us to another page. It is one of the most relevant factors of SEO purposes. The anchor text should content the keywords which are linked to your targeted searched terms.
  5. Call to action: A good site structure should have a call to action feature on it. Make your purpose look clear and obvious. For example, you can include options like, “Become a member” or “Place an order”.
  6. Integration of social media: You should promote your presence in the social platforms like, google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. If you integrate these platforms in your company website, it will help to boost your SEO.

Thus, if your website has an appealing site structure and relevant contents, that will surely have a positive impact on your SEO and your business.

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Webhostingbuzz vs Siteground and Inmotion Hosting

Webhostingbuzz (WHB), Inmotion Hosting (IMH), and Siteground (SG) are all three reputable web-hosting providers. The three companies are easily the top cream of the otherwise very competitive web hosting industry. However, even though they are almost identical in terms of the services they offer, they are very different as far as storage capacity, software integration features, and pricing are concerned.

If you’re in the market for quality, affordable and reliable hosting services, there’s no doubt that you might end up settling for one of these. But which company is best tailored to your specific needs? Let’s find out.

  1. Pricing, packages and offers.

All the three web hosts offer a combination of three separate packages for their services. The packages are meant to diversify their product portfolio and reach a wider array of users.

WHB’s package trio consists of Buzz light, Buzz power, and Buzz premier, in order of increasing subscription value. The cheapest package is Buzz light that is offered at a paltry cost of $4.95/month. The remaining two are available at $6.95 and $9.95 per month respectively. At the same time, there also have yearly subscription packages starting from as little as $71.25 annually. Additionally, they still have a 45-day money back guarantee.

On the hand, Siteground is famous for it’s three distinct packages; StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. The three are on sale for $9.95, $14.95 and $29.95 per month, respectively. Bear in mind, however, that Siteground offers a 65% off to all new subscribers for the first month. On top of that, you stand to enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee if you sign up with them.

Finally, Inmotion Hosting brings to the table three hosting plans. Customers can sign up for Launch that goes for $7.99 per month. Alternatively there’s the Power package offered at 13.75, and the elite team can grab the Pro package for only $25.59 per month. As it is the case with Siteground, first-timers are ushered into the Inmotion Hosting community with a 56% off for their first subscription. To crown it all, you also stand to enjoy a 90-day money back guarantee

In terms of the raw cost of hosting a website, it’s clear that WHB is the king. Nonetheless, that doesn’t necessary mean that their hosting service is more superior to the others.Worth noting, however, is that all the three websites offer easy scalability from one plan to the other. It implies that you could start off with the cheapest plan, and then graduate to more premier packages as your online business grows.

  1. Product range, software and general features.

The product range of the hosting services from these companies is dependent on the hosting plan selected.For instance; With WHB, the cheapest plan ( Buzz light) offers only a single domain coupled with 400GB of disk storage. The next Buzz power package brings on board unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth with an unlimited number of websites. The premier plan includes all the above features plus a dedicated server portal. All plans also include a c-Panel account.

On that note, Siteground’s lightest plan ( which is Startup) comes with only a 10GB web space but with an unlimited number of email accounts, and a free site setup. The other two packages ( GrowBig and GoGeek) offer 20 and 30GB respectively. They also feature an unlimited number of MySQL databases coupled with unlimited bandwidth. With the last two packages, you could also host an unlimited number of domains ( websites) on their dedicated servers.

InMotion Hosting isn’t so quite different either. Apart from all the other essential features, the InMotion Hosting plans include more domains per every corresponding package. For example, with their lightest plan ( Launch), you could host two domains at a go, unlike in the other two companies. Additionally, you also get to enjoy unlimited storage space and an unlimited bandwidth.

In this department, all the three companies level up competitively against each other. However, given their individual features, InMotion Hosting is best sculpted for those looking for business hosting and do not mind paying a premium. On the other side of the spectrum, Siteground is predominantly popular among subscribers looking to host their WordPress blogs. ( Considering their more advanced WordPress-based features). Lastly, WHB plans tend to favor more those in the market for a managed hosting package. With WHB, you won’t have to worry about software updates or the security of your VPS account, as all these all taken care in the house.

  1. Support services, ease of use, hosting performance and uptime.

In terms of hosting performance, Siteground and Inmotion Hosting have a slight edge over WHB taking into account that they both utilize Max Speed Zone Technology to improve the speed of their servers. Siteground has gone a notch higher and adopted the widely acclaimed CloudFare CDN technology.

In ease of use, Siteground trumps the other two given its more sleek, minimalist profile. Also, navigating between account management and the inbuilt c-Panel is easier in Siteground than in both Inmotion Hosting and WHB. To add on that, bloggers will find it easier to use Siteground given that this web host boasts of a customized hosting platform for both WordPress and Joomla.

The uptime in all three web hosts in above par. Nonetheless, a sizable number of WHB customers complain of periodic maintenance glitches from the hosting provider. Other than that, all three have a guaranteed 98% uptime rate.

Perhaps, the most distinctive difference in this trio is on their individual support structure. Inmotion Hosting and Siteground’s personnel make good use of live chat and skype calls to reach out to customers. On the other hand, WHB’s customer care team seems stuck with the good old ticket response method.( Although, they still reply to tickets in under 10 minutes.) They also have a self -help section where troubled customers can find a multitude of tutorials, reference guides, and a manual troubleshooting model.

Nonetheless, Siteground is the superior of the three ( in this bracket) considering that the company has an exclusive WordPress support team.

  1. Company profile and reputation.

If you take some time to scour the internet for reviews on these three web hosting powerhouses, you will realize that WHB ranks a distant third compared to it’s more popular brothers. It’s also undeniable that Inmotion Hosting is the darling of many, going by the comparatively low number of negative reviews it has in most online forums. The performance of WHB has been described by many critics as being erratic and unreliable despite their hosting rates being more affordable and cheaper.

All the three companies have been operational since the early 2000s, although only Siteground has servers outside the US. For more info, visit our Siteground reviews here.

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