Webhostingbuzz reviews and ratings (5 years hosted)

This Webhostingbuzz review is hosted. This review site is unique and previously hosting with them to provide real life tests. We have been using their services since year 2008. All these valuable experience are recorded down in this here. All verdicts here are based on our own research, and it is fully unbiased and based on true facts. Over the years, we have collected customer feedback comments and validate it before making it available here. This site can be a great source for true and honest testimonials. Besides that, we have a few Webhostingbuzz coupons and promotion codes that able to offer some discount for your signup too.

homepage 2 One dollar reseller plan offer

Is Webhostingbuzz really that good? They are now having more than 30,000 clients and over 250,000 hosted domains. It is safe to say that they are ranked as one of the most trustworthy and sought after web host companies in the online environment. The company was founded more than a decade ago. Over the past 13 years it has offered a wide array of high quality services and packages at prices for all pockets.

In spite of having offices all across the United States and Europe. The company’s headquarters are located in Auburn, Massachusetts. It also operates data centers in four other locations. The company was initially founded by Safvan Malik, and it is now managed by Matt Russel, who is the chief executive officer. The company has started to expand itself in Europe back in 2012. And it now has data centers in Amsterdam and Nottingham.

This is an experience web hosting company with excellent products. They’re offering great products and services since 2002 and they’re now home to over 250,000 websites world wide. Now there are Magento, Joomla, e-commerce and Django optimized plans to choose from. And most importantly, they are having widest range of hosting products for all types of applications.

  • Budget shared hosting from $4.95 a month.
  • WordPress hosting from $4.95 a month.
  • Reseller hosting from as low as $1 dollar first month.
  • VPS hosting from $14.95 per month.
  • Dedicated server from $59.50 per month.

Webhostingbuzz review on shared hosting. The basic plan that we’re using is permitting 2 domains. The higher power plan allows unlimited domains. They provide free cPanel control panel, free domain name and allow multiple sites hosting. This web hosting price start from $4.95 per month and it includes 400GB storage space and unlimited bandwidth. It also includes free cPanel and Softaculous installer software. They use the most secure data centres with high performance dual xeon 8-ways server.

Here are the three shared hosting plans available:

  • Buzz light from $4.95 per month.
    It includes 400 gigabytes storage space and allows 2 websites in one account. This is the cheapest plan and recommended for smaller website that is just getting started.
  • Buzz power from $6.95 per month.
    This is an unlimited plan and it comes with unlimited storage, bandwidth and domains in one account. This is the most popular plan recommended for busy blog or forum. It is suitable for wide range of websites.
  • Buzz premier from $9.95 per month.
    This is unlimited domain plan for business use. This is designed for developer and businesses online that look for performance web hosting for their high traffic sites and support variety of applications.

There are currently three packages that are being offered under this segment. Buzz light is ideal for small business firms and starts from $4.95/mo, which allows a storage disk space of 400 gigabytes and unlimited bandwidth. The power and premier are best for large scale businesses and busy websites, starting from $6.95/mo and $9.95/mo respectively. Both of these plans offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth along with unlimited websites. So, these plans are just ideal for people, who don’t like any kind of restrictions as far as web hosting is concerned.


Webhostingbuzz review on features and specification. As mentioned above, this web hosting company offers three main hosting plans that customers can opt for. The basic plan is the most affordable one. It includes unlimited bandwidth and given 400GB of disk space. It also allows you to install over 300 web applications and add four extra features of your choice.

The power package on the other hand, is by far the most appreciated one among blog and forum users who want minimal downtime. It is featuring unlimited disk space, bandwidth and free website domain names. This package also allows you to install more than 300 different web apps. Last, but not least, the premier plan is a high performance package designed for the busiest and most demanding website applications. It features all the functions and benefits of the power package. In addition to those, it also allows users to opt for 11 extra features.

Webhostingbuzz review on WordPress hosting. There is no other web hosts that offer this much of WordPress hosting services, at here they are offering 4 WordPress optimized hosting plans. Its all designed for bloggers, easy to use, and come with WordPress 1-click installer. Here are the plans available:

  • WP Light is suitable for small blogger with up to 5,000 monthly visits.
  • WP Power is suitable for blogger with up to 25,000 monthly visits.
  • WP Multi-site is Host multiple blogs and reseller this WordPress hosting to your clients.
  • WP VPS is suitable for professional bloggers that demand server root access.

Webhostingbuzz review on reseller hosting. Under this segment, you can offer your own web hosting services or host your own websites under a single plan. Plans currently being offered under reseller hosting are light, power, premiere and ultimate plans. You can avail the basic package for $12.95, power package for $22.95, premiere package for $32.95 or the ultimate package for $42.95. With $1 per month for the first month for all.

Webhostingbuzz review on VPS and dedicated servers. There are 7 different packages that are being offered by this server provider as of 2015. The cheapest plan starts for $14.95/mo and extends till $104.95/mo.

High performance dedicated servers keep your server running flawlessly so that you don’t have to worry a bit about the working of your website. Under this segment, the server will be deployed within few hours on the same day of placing an order. As far as concerned, you can choose servers from single processor to dual processor. They have various types of processor plan under them.

Webhostingbuzz review on customer support quality. When it comes to the customer support service, this web hosting company has always risen to the highest standards of quality. They have team of engineers that cater for every single technical issue customers may encounter. They offer unlimited 24×7 customer support. Every customer can reach the support department either via telephone or live chat or via email. There are various support and customer service departments across Europe and the United States. Customers can benefit from fast, professional and tailored services at any time of the day or night. The waiting time is minimum and response is fast.

Webhostingbuzz review on user rating. Along with the above mentioned features, there are some added features that make this company one of the best server providers. To start with, it offers a 24×7 customer support throughout the year and 99.99 percent uptime. In an addition, they also offer a 45 day money back guarantee to ensure you meet all your requirements appropriately. They have been nominated as the most popular WordPress hosting and has been nominated for various awards. This clearly state why you need to have a server under this company and what are its benefits.

We have been using their shared hosting for over five years and will continue to use this for many years to come. This is one reliable cPanel hosting plan and worth the money paid for. Another good advantage is this plan allows multiple domains hosting and this make the plan worth even more. From our real web hosting experience, we have concluded the following rating and score. In overall, we are highly satisfied with this web hosting service.

user rating

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Webhostingbuzz review and coupon by Roderick Marshall

Founded in 2002 by Safvan Malik, Web Hosting Buzz is a full-service web hosting provider offering shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers, dedicated servers and reseller hosting. It has two shared plans offering unlimited space, domains that appear to be problematic for reliability and stability and unlimited transfers. In this Webhostingbuzz review, we delve deep into their offers and shared plans as well as about the web hosting buzz coupons. Continue reading to learn these and more.

WebHostingBuzz has 4 levels shared hosting. These are Shared, Reseller, Dedicated and Virtual Private Server or VPS. All of the plans depend on Linux-based servers apart from dedicated hosting. This also provides Windows servers but you have to pay additional monthly fee.

Shared Hosting Features

This hosting plan is split into 3 plans which are Buzz Light, Buzz Power as well as Buzz Premier.
Key features of these hosting plans are:

  • Free domain.
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases.
  • Unlimited Domain as well as sub-domains.
  • Unlimited bandwidth or data transfer.
  • Unlimited drive space.

Shared hosting is best for family sites and simple blogs.

Reseller Hosting Plans

Currently, WebHostingBuzz is offering four reseller plans from which to choose. The following are their monthly rates:

  • Reseller Light.
    This comes with 50GB space, 50 cPanel accounts, 5TB B/W and the monthly rate is $12.95.
  • Reseller Power.
    This has 75 GB worth of space, unlimited cPanel accounts, 7.5 TB B/W and the monthly rate for this plan is $22.95.
  • Reseller Premier.
    This includes a 100 GB worth of space, unlimited cPanel accounts, 10 TB B/W and the monthly charges are $32.95.
  • Reseller Ultimate.
    This plan gives you 150 GB worth of space, unlimited cPanel accounts and 15 TB B/W. The monthly charge for this is $42.95.

Each of the reseller plans come with a namecheap domain reseller account, free domain name up to fifty cPanel account transfers, one-click application installer and unlimited emails. You also get private nameservers, free dedicated IP address and Blesta billing software.

The reseller hosting plan is most ideal for individuals with more than a single site of many customers.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Features

If you want more direct control over the web server or you feel that you have grown beyond the shared hosting plan, WebHostingBuzz comes with 7 levels of VPS support for you. The plans are much more flexible and configurable compared to shared plans but majority of services that are in shared hosting are more customized at this level. It comes with:

  • Up to 4 dedicated RAM.
  • Full root access to the server for application customization.
  • As much as 240 GB of space.
  • Monthly bandwidth of as much as 1750 GB.
  • Up to 4 dedicated IP addresses.

Dedicated Hosting Features

If you want absolute control over, as well as total customizability for your web server, what you need is a dedicated hosting plan. WebHostingBuzz gives you 6 dedicated plans that are split into 2 tiers by dual and single processors. Your own Linux server comes with:

  • Total roots access to your server.
  • 4 dedicated IP addresses.
  • All the features and perks that you get when you purchase lower tiers.
  • As much as 64 GB RAM.
  • Monthly traffic of up to 10 TB.
  • Up to 4 TB storage space with an option between hardware and software RAID.

WebHostingBuzz Coupons

WebHostingBuzz coupons are a great way for users to save money on the hosting plans. There are different coupons that you can take advantage of and these include:

  • 50% of all hosting plans for WordPress users.
  • $1 for 1st month of reseller hosting.
  • Get 20% off when you purchase any web hosting plan.

The Good

  • Affordable option for anyone who wants web hosting.
  • 24/7/365 support through email. Phone chat and web ensures outstanding customer service
  • Feature-packed hosting plans that compare favorably with hosting plans of top webhosts. The plans are also favorably priced.
  • Dedicated hosting plans come with lots of RAM, power and bandwidth, as well as the option to buy improvements as well as extra resources that give you more room to expand and grow.

The Not-So Good

Since it focuses on Linux servers, WebHostingBuzz charges premium rates in order to have your server configured to your Windows support. In case your website needs Windows applications support, or you use an application development tool for instance ASP.NET, be ready to pay on the higher end.

Our Final Take

WebHostingBuzz offers a genuinely exciting value at shared level. They have great support system that comes via web, email and phone chat. It is worth noting that the support is 24/7/365 meaning that any time you are stuck, there is always help in the horizon. It may be somewhat expensive because it relies mainly on Linux, something that makes accessing Windows a little costly. However, it represents great value for money.

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Webhostingbuzz review and coupon by Risi Jena

While there is no doubt that finding a good web hosting service provider could be a tough and difficult choice. This is because there are quite a few options available and separating the grain from the chaff could be a tough and demanding task. However, of the various options available there is reason to believe that WebhostingBuzz could be something worthwhile to have a look at. It is a web hosting service providing company that is creating quite a few ripples across the country. So here are a few attributes on which we will try and present an honest and matter-of-fact webhostingBuzz review. We are hopeful that it will help our readers to have a reasonably good idea about the services offered by them and make up their mind based on facts rather than on hearsay and opinions.

The Company, Its Reputation And Goodwill

If one visits the website of WebhostingBuzz, they will be able to find out that it is a service provider that enjoys lot of reputation and goodwill. Amongst other things it has been able to win awards for its amazing customer support. According to some reviews and independent feedback, it can be estimated that around 93% of the customers are satisfied or even feel excellent about the product which they offer to customers. This is no mean achievement and speaks well about the company.

Products, Price And Other Related Factors

At the end of the day, there is no doubt that the proof of the pudding is in eating. Hence it would be worthwhile to have a look at the products that are offered by this company. They have a big range of products ranging from business web hosting, WordPress hosting, and shared web hosting. They also arrange for SSL certificates and also assist in providing their clients with the best of domain names.

When it comes to cloud hosting they have been able to make their presence felt quite strongly. They have the best of options available to cater to small businesses, individuals and also for the big organizations for whom price is not a concern. They have options by which a fully-configures virtual server can be done within a few minutes and just could be completed by three clicks. This is a feature which has attracted the goodwill of many customers. They also offer dedicated servers and outlet dedicated servers.

Coming to price, they have a multiple choices and options ranging from simple web hosting services to virtual servers and cloud hosting. Hence the best way to know more about the prices would be to pay a visit to their website. However, when it comes to basic web hosting plans, they have plans starting at around $5/month. For such a small price they are able to offer a disk space of 400GB with unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, cPanel and to top it all they also provide 45-day money back guarantee which is very enticing. They are in a position to offer dedicated servers with the best of configurations for around $119/month.

A Few More Attributes Worth Looking At

Website speed is without any doubt is speed and according to many WebhostingBuzz reviews they score decently well. It never goes above 0.55 second in the worst case scenario. Further when it comes to uptime guarantee they are in line with market expectations and it has never gone below 99.99% which is satisfying to say the least.

Apart from the above the various WebhostingBuzz coupon offers that they come out with help customers to save sizeable amount, especially for the long term coupons. It would not be wrong to mention here that webhostingBuzz coupon have helped new entrepreneurs to really make it big because of the savings that they are able to get out of it.

In fine it would not be out place to mention here that when it comes to speed, up time, e-commerce facilities, customer support and reliability there are quite a few reasons why going by positive webhostingBuzz review articles should not be looked at seriously. It is a product which has stood the test of time and therefore it will continue to attract more number of customers who are looking for a complete and holistic package. They are offering them fantastic value for money and takes the internet-based aspirations to the next higher level.

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