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This review site is unique and previously hosting with them to provide real life tests. We have been using their services since year 2008. All these valuable experience are recorded down in this here. All verdicts here are based on our own research, and it is fully unbiased and based on true facts. Over the years, we have collected customer feedback comments and validate it before making it available here. This site can be a great source for true and honest testimonials. Besides that, we have a few coupons and promotion codes that able to offer some discount for your signup too.

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Webhostingbuzz review introduction.

With more than 30,000 clients and over 250,000 hosted domains, it is safe to say that they are ranked as one of the most trustworthy and sought after web host companies in the online environment. The company was founded more than a decade ago, and over the past 13 years it has offered a wide array of high quality services and packages at prices for all pockets.

In spite of having offices all across the United States and Europe, the company’s headquarters are located in Auburn, Massachusetts, and it also operates data centers in four other locations. The company was initially founded by Safvan Malik, and it is now managed by Matt Russel, who is the chief executive officer. The company has started to expand itself in Europe back in 2012, and it now has data centers in Amsterdam and Nottingham.

Webhostingbuzz review: Is WHB really that good?

This is an experience web hosting company with excellent products. They’re offering great products and services since 2002 and they’re now home to over 200,000 websites world wide. Now there are Magento, Joomla, e-commerce and Django optimized plans to choose from. And most importantly, they are having widest range of hosting products for all types of applications.

  1. Budget shared hosting from $4.95 a month.
  2. WordPress hosting from $4.95 a month.
  3. Reseller hosting from as low as $1 dollar first month.
  4. VPS hosting from $14.95 per month.
  5. Dedicated server from $59.50 per month.

Webhostingbuzz review on shared hosting. 

The basic plan that we’re using is permitting 2 domains, and the higher power plan allows unlimited domains. They provide free cPanel control panel, free domain name and allow multiple sites hosting. This web hosting price start from $4.95 per month and it includes 400 gigabytes storage space and unlimited bandwidth. It also includes free cPanel and Softaculous installer software. They use the most secure data centres with high performance dual xeon 8-ways server.

Here are the three shared hosting plans available:

  1. Buzz light from $4.95 per month.
    It includes 400 gigabytes storage space and allows 2 websites in one account. This is the cheapest plan and recommended for smaller website that is just getting started.
  2. Buzz power from $6.95 per month.
    This is an unlimited plan and it comes with unlimited storage, bandwidth and domains in one account. This is the most popular plan recommended for busy blog or forum. It is suitable for wide range of websites.
  3. Buzz premier from $9.95 per month.
    This is unlimited domain plan for business use. This is designed for developer and businesses online that look for performance web hosting for their high traffic sites and support variety of applications.

There are currently three packages that are being offered under this segment. Buzz light is ideal for small business firms and starts from $4.95 per month, which allows a storage disk space of 400 gigabytes and unlimited bandwidth. The power and premier are best for large scale businesses and busy websites, starting from $6.95 per month and $9.95 per month respectively. Both of these plans offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth along with unlimited websites. So, these plans are just ideal for people, who don’t like any kind of restrictions as far as web hosting is concerned.


Webhostingbuzz review on WordPress hosting.

There is no other web hosts that offer this much of WordPress hosting services, at WHB they are offering 4 WordPress optimized hosting plans. Its all designed for bloggers, easy to use, and come with WordPress 1-click installer. Here are the plans available:

  1. WP Light – suitable for small blogger with up to 5,000 monthly visits.
  2. WP Power – suitable for blogger with up to 25,000 monthly visits.
  3. WP Multi-site – Host multiple blogs and reseller this WordPress hosting to your clients.
  4. WP VPS – suitable for professional bloggers that demand server root access.

Webhostingbuzz review on reseller hosting.

Under this segment, you can offer your own web hosting services or host your own websites under a single plan. Plans currently being offered under reseller hosting are light, power, premiere and ultimate plans. You can avail the basic package for $12.95 per month, power packge for $22.95 per month, premiere package for $32.95 per month or the ultimate package for $42.95 per month; with $1 per month for the first month for all. More reseller review here…

Webhostingbuzz review on VPS hosting.

There are 7 different packages that are being offered by this server provider as of 2015. The cheapest plan starts for $14.95 per month and extends till $104.95 per month. More VPS review here…

Webhostingbuzz review on dedicated servers.

High performance dedicated servers keep your server running flawlessly so that you don’t have to worry a bit about the working of your website. Under this segment, the server will be deployed within few hours on the same day of placing an order. As far as concerned, you can choose servers from single processor to dual processor, which contains various types of processor plan under them. More dedicated server review here…

Webhostingbuzz review on benefits and advantages.

As mentioned above, this web hosting company offers three main hosting plans that customers can opt for. The basic plan is the most affordable one, and it includes unlimited bandwidth, 400 gigabytes of disk space, and it also allows you to install over 300 web applications and add four extra features of your choice.

The power package on the other hand, is by far the most appreciated one among blog and forum users who want minimal downtime. It is featuring unlimited disk space, bandwidth and free website domain names; this package also allows you to install more than 300 different web apps. Last, but not least, the premier plan is a high performance package designed for the busiest and most demanding websites, businesses and applications: it features all the functions and benefits of the power package and, in addition to those, it also allows users to opt for 11 extra features to take their personalized hosting service to the next level.

Webhostingbuzz review on customer support quality.

When it comes to the customer support service, this web hosting company has always risen to the highest standards of quality with a team of engineers that cater for every single technical issue customers may encounter, they offer unlimited, 24×7 customer support. Every customer can reach the support department either via telephone or live chat or via email. There are various support and customer service departments across Europe and the United States, and customers can benefit from fast, professional and tailored services at any time of the day or night, with minimal waiting time.

Webhostingbuzz review on user rating.

Along with the above mentioned features, there are some added features that make this company one of the best server providers. To start with, it offers a 24×7 customer support throughout the year and 99.99 percent uptime. In an addition, they also offer a 45 day money back guarantee to ensure you meet all your requirements appropriately. They have been nominated as the most popular WordPress hosting and has been nominated for various awards. This clearly state why you need to have a server under this company and what are its benefits.

We have been using their shared hosting for over five years and will continue to use this for many years to come. This is one reliable cPanel hosting plan and worth the money paid for. Another good advantage is this plan allows multiple domains hosting and this make the plan worth even more. From our real web hosting experience, testing and reviews… we have concluded the following rating and score. In overall, we are highly satisfied with this web hosting service.

user rating

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Your website running out of storage or bandwidth?

It’s good news when your business grows. However, more often than not, this growth might lead to your website running out of storage and bandwidth because of the consequent increase in the number web-visitors. Of course, this is something you don’t want to happen. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your site running for as long as possible.

  1. Wait for next month’s quota reset.

As your business becomes more popular on the web and traffic to your site increases, it is necessary to upgrade to an upper tier hosting account. Normally, bandwidth is calculated through an automated process on the server hosting your site. This figure adds up throughout each month and if your traffic requirements exceed the 100% of your bandwidth allotment, then your visitors will encounter a blank screen with a 509 error code. If you see such an error on your browser, it is advisable to contact your host’s support team to inquire about upgrading your site to the next level plan which may double your bandwidth from its current setting.

  1. Optimize website and cut usage.

Reduce the size of your text content with a special emphasis on the elements that are common to every page of your site. JavaScript and CSS resources are an ideal place to start, but the same tactics can apply to HTML as well. You can compress these to remove obsolete code and use shorter variables. Besides that, you may want to outsource your RSS feeds by using services like FeedBurner. Lastly, unless your website is an all-text one, you’ll want to consider outsource hosting of your images to an external website. For this you can use image sharing sites such as Flickr, Photobucket or Amazon S3.

  1. Block website spam, find out where wastage occurs.

You can save a lot of bandwidth when your business is not receiving spam. Find out where wastage of storage and bandwidth space occurs and if that wastage does not bring any meaningful benefits to you, then go ahead and block it. You can begin by disabling all user-generated content (alternatively you can outsource user-generated content management) by using services like Disqus. But if the problem of spam is getting out of hand, you may want to consider implementing a CAPTCHA code which requires your visitors to complete simple puzzles or numbers to “prove” they’re human (keep in mind that CAPTCHA codes may create a level of annoyance to some users). You can also identify some words that are commonly contained in spam and block them (e.g. words like “free links to your site”). Lastly you can add a rel=”nofollow” to user generated content so your site is less attractive to malicious marketers.

  1. Change web spider visit frequency.

A web spider (also known as web robot or web crawler) is a program that browses the web in an automated manner. Although spiders aren’t necessarily a bad thing, some of them operate at abnormally fast speed and even download multiple pages at the same time. This could have a negative effect in terms of excessive consumption of storage and bandwidth. To change web spider visit frequency use the robots.txt file, meta tags and other way to suggest to robots how you’d like your site to be indexed. In addition, you can convert time-consuming scripts to static pages to reduce server resource consumption.

  1. Upgrade to VPS, cloud or private server.

When you host with a VPS, cloud or private server, your environment is hosted within a dedicated server. This server is allocated a given amount of bandwidth that is dependent on the package you need. The great thing about using these options is that they can easily and quickly be upgraded when need for more space arises – unlike shared hosting which is quite limiting.

Planning for future.

As your business grows you’ll gradually find the need for more hosting options. For instance, if you are planning on selling goods through your site, you may want to work with your host to set up an SSL (secure server). Also you may need additional services like autoresponders or even more disk space. It’s good to be prepared for such requirements so that you’re able to scale-up your business in line with its pace of growth. So start planning for the future today.

The error 509 code can easily be your biggest enemy when growing your business. However, through the many tips we’ve offered you in this article, you can successfully navigating through this barrier so your business keeps growing in leaps and bounds.

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What you can do now to improve your site ranking in google?

Attaining great ranks in Google search results is perhaps, the most essential element of getting your website or blog popular among the users. Regardless of the niche or subject of your site, it’s important that it is found at the top of the search results to attract more visitors. A number of factors play a key role in gaining your site high ranks in Google Search Results.

Here are the top five simple yet effective steps you to what you can do right now to improve your site ranking in Google.

  1. Improvising the content.

Quality content is undoubtedly, the topmost factor for getting good Google search rankings. You might need to improvise the content featured on your website for increasing the traffic, which inturn improves the authority and relevance of the site. In order to avoid confusions for the search engines, keep a track of duplicate or spammy content and remove the same as soon as possible. Higher ranked URLs always feature an easy to read content. You can improve or even rewrite content while emphasizing on making it easily readable and favourable for SEO rankings. Prefer including long form content, semantically comprehensive content as well as feature audio or visual media such as infographics or charts. Make sure to update and resubmit the XML-Site Map to search engines every time you add new content.

  1. Cleaning the site structure.

A well-planned site structure can highly improve the chances of gaining favourable ranking in search engine results. The site architecture i.e. the navigation, logic as well as the way the individual pages are linked with each other is crucial to attracting relevant traffic. The site structure is important for Indexing of the site that helps search engines to seek all your pages. Distributing link power to all the pages is quite significant for cleaning the site structure, so is working the structure according to the target keywords. Create a flat and simple link structure that keeps all the individual pages close to the home page. It enhances the usability and helps visitors find what they want quickly, which is very helpful in winning great Google search result rankings.

  1. Optimizing keywords.

Determine the relevant keywords and keyword phrases concerning the subject of your website, geographic footprint and target audience. Perform a thorough analysis of the keywords by having an analytics software such Google Analytics, installed on the website to know the pattern of interactions bwtween the visitors and your site. Decide what keywords you want to target on the home page, posts and other pages featured on the site. Create a unique title tag including the main keywords in the beginning of the title, followed by repeating the phrase a number of times throughout the page. Including the keywords in the opening and closing paragraphs, and 2-4 times throughout the content is just perfect. Highlight keyword phrases using heading tags, bold, italics and other emphasis tags.

  1. Including URL links.

Including URL links in the content works towards improving the credibility of a website. The link text, anchor text, link label, or link title is the clickable text in a hyperlink. The words comprised in the anchor text can affect the ranking that the webpage receives in search engines. Search engines aim towards providing very relevant search results; anchor text comes into great play here, as the tendency is to hyperlink words that feature relevancy to the landing page. Also, the text can help in directing the visitors to different pages within the site itself. Create relevant, helpful links within the text. For example, instead of including “click here” links, prefer writing an anchor text that is rich in keywords. “Click here” has no search engine value beyond the attached URL.

  1. Adopting efficient SEO methods.

In order to enable search engines to read the text and code of your website, it needs to be technically optimized using efficient SEO methods. Keep the URL structure below hundred characters, skip special characters and use dashes in place of underscores. Apart from working on the keyword metadata, have a unique meta description page for each page that includes one or two sentences about what’s covered within the page. Title metadata is responsible for the page titles included at the top of a browser window, thereby being the most significant metadata on your page. Additionally, try gathering as many inbound links as possible as the success of your website in terms of Google search result rankings highly depends on the number of inbound links to a page.

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Is free blog hosting reliable?

Just as the name describes it, free blog hosting refers to website hosting services offered free of charge. For instance, WordPress hosts your site absolutely free of cost and also performs any necessary updates. As a result, WordPress and Blogger users never get involved with the business of finding domain names and web hosting services or hiring a developer. However, the free services usually come with a catch, which includes displaying banners and ads on your blog and other restrictions which could prove to be quite costly in the long run. Therefore, it is vital to understand the advantages and limitations of free hosting before deciding whether you should really opt for it.


  1. The hosting services are absolutely free.

The only benefit of free hosting is its cost effectiveness mainly because they do not require paid subscription. Users get free server space, sub-domain names for accessing their website and worldwide reach.

What are the demerits of using free blog hosting?

Unfortunately, the advantages of free web hosting plans are covered by multiple demerits which might make it unsuitable especially for commercial purposes. Let’s explore some of the major disadvantages of free blog hosting.

  1. Advertisements.

Free hosting such as WordPress has the right to display their own content on your blog unless you purchase a VIP services account or purchase the Ad-free upgrade. Putting Ads on the websites they offer for free is their way of making money. This might ruin the reputation of major companies, brands, or businesses because the ads may lower the visual appeal of such sites.

  1. Lack of a main domain.

Free hosting services do not offer a separate domain name. They only provide sub domains (directories) upon their URLs (domain names). Therefore, you can never use your preferred domain name when using free hosting plans.

  1. Poor customer support.

Free hosting plans do not offer customer support in case users get stuck during installation and there is need for guidance or a tutorial. This can be a major inconvenience especially for people who are new to hosting.

  1. Limited speed and bandwidth.

Most free hosting plans have limited data transfer speed and bandwidth. The bandwidth determines the number of web users allowed on your blog per month. In case this limit is exceeded, servers might halt the hosting forcing you to purchase paid hosting plans in order to enjoy extended data transfer rate and bandwidth.

  1. Data protection.

Free hosting provides might disappear with time and their services shut down without warning. You might actually end up losing your entire database and the reputation you had built over months. Therefore, it is necessary to back up your data regularly especially when using free blog hosting services.

  1. Fewer features.

You are likely to experience fewer features when using free hosting. In most cases you may not have an auto responder, PHP support, email address, and various data support features such as cron and MySQL. Although most of these features are typical for paid hosting, most free hosting plans do not offer them.

  1. No FTP.

Most free hosting services do not offer control panels with FTP access for ease of use of most programming (scripting) languages and the transfer of files.

  1. Limited account security features.

One of the main limitations of free web hosting plans is the lack of measures and security features to protect users’ sites. Therefore, sites hosted on free plans are prone to various security issues including hackers.

  1. Your data and content can be sold.

It is important to realize that your site on WordPress is actually not your own. This is clearly stated on the Terms and services of various free hosting providers including WordPress. For instance WordPress has free access to your content and to promote your site. Although users generate all the content including photos and original text based content, by uploading this content to WordPress sites, they automatically transfer ownership to the free blog hosting providers. Therefore, they get a global non-exclusive and royal free license to adapt, reproduce, publish and modify content for the purpose of promoting your site.

The demerits of free blog hosting definitely outweigh its merits. Although it can be a good alternative for personal bloggers, free hosting might not be a good option for people who want to launch blogs or websites with the aim of building brand awareness and recognition, making money, promotion, lead generation and other specific aims.

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PPC advertising pros and cons

PPC Advertising is a method of online marketing where you will create ads which you will let website owners or search engines display online for you to pay them after they are clicked. The ads can appear on top of search results or on websites. It is a method that has been used by many companies to market there products online. Just like any other method that you can use to carry out online marketing, PPC advertising has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are PPC Adverting – Pros and Cons:

PPC advertising pros:

  1. It is easy to create a budget.

In any activity you will like to carry out, marketing included, it is very necessary for you to set budget which you will work within. It is very easy for you to set a budget after you decide to make use of PPC marketing strategy. You can decide to make use of Adwords and set a budget for each day. After people click on your ads up to a certain threshold, where you will have set as the maximum budget, your ads will not be display any more for the rest of the day. This ensures you are able to work within a budget.

  1. Targets specific keywords.

You will be advantaged when creating ads, in case you deal with a business such as offering online courses, you can create specific keywords such as online courses. This makes it easy for you to access people online who will be interested in enrolling in your online course. There are different types of businesses available, you will be free to create keywords that will be very relevant to your services or products that you offer online. After you target your specific keywords, most of the people who will click on the ad and get directed to your website will be interested in buying your products. This will lead you to accessing traffic that is interested in whatever you offer.

  1. Faster results than organic search traffic.

You can take years for you to have your target keyword ranked high. But after you decide to make use of PPC Advertising, you will take the shortest time possible for you to achieve great results. This makes the advertising very popular to those marketers who will like to achieve quick results. There are many platforms that offer PPC adverting that you can use, you can decide to use Bing Ads, Adwords among other platforms.

  1. Target specific regions.

There are those marketers who will like to market their products or services to certain regions. Instead of wasting resources trying to market their services or products all over the world, they can just decide to make use fop PPC strategies where they will base their marketing efforts in certain regions. This will lead them to enjoying great success in a given area.

PPC advertising cons:

  1. Bidding wars.

Sometimes two PPC marketers can enter into war for top positions. In such a case they will end up bidding for top positions where they will have to pay a lot of money. This will turn the marketing strategy to being too expensive. In some cases the bidding wars can end up making it very hard for markets to access returns in their investments.

  1. Charges for each click.

It does not matter whether the person who will be searching for content related to your ad will click on your ad and make a purchase or he will just browse your website and move on, you will be charged for each click which will be made on your ads. Considering some keywords are priced highly, companies can end up incurring great loses after so many people click on their ads but they don’t actually end up converting.

  1. Click fraud.

Sometimes competitors can create fake click which will end up to making the campaign of their competitors very expensive. For example, they may use different IP addresses to click on the ads of the competitors, in case the competitor had set a certain budget for a specific period of time, the ads will end up disappearing after the fake clicks fill the number required in the specific period of time. This leads to making the marketing strategy less effective in some cases where fraud is experienced.

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Webhostingbuzz Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Webhostingbuzz hosting. We gathered these questions and provide answer for them.

How does web hosting work?

When you buy a web hosting plan, your site is stored on a WHB server and given a unique DNS. This address helps enable global visitors find your website and view it. A web hosting package purchase essentially means paying for some space on WHB’s servers.

What kind of web hosting do I need?

Whether you need Windows hosting or Linus hosting, or VPS, Business web hosting, reseller hosting, or dedicated servers will be determined by what you want to do with your account. Whether you want to create a blog post, build a shopping cart etc. you can speak to a WHB support team to find out the kind of hosting plan that is best suited for your needs.

Are there hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees charged by Web Hosting Buzz but cancelling an account involves a $15 charge for the transfer of your domain. Closing an account during the money back period gives you a full refund minus a small processing fee.

Should I choose cPanel for my VPS?

cPanel is a very popular web hosting control panel with a seventy percent US market share. This means there are a lot of resources, tutorials and How Tos for using cPanel, making it a natural choice for many. cPanel is generally used to administer single websites. However, VPS account holders get a Web Host Manager (WHM) to manage a reseller and server setup and easily manage multiple hosting accounts. cPanel has intuitive, user-friendly graphical interfaces on web-based screens for all kinds of tasks and it is easy enough to use for beginners.

Can I change my account’s main domain?

Depending on the type of account you may or may not be able to change domain names. You can do so with Web Hosting, Business Hosting and Reseller accounts with anonymous nameservers. In case of a business hosting account, the billing support team at WHB will help you make domain name changes for free. You can submit a ticket to whbsupport.com addressed to the billing department. For Reseller accounts, contact the technical department for help.

Domain names cannot be changed for reseller hosting accounts with private nameservers. If you must have a new domain name, it will have to be created from scratch. This is suitable if you don’t have any content or just signed up.

What is your refund policy?

WHB has a 45-day money back scheme that is unconditional and guaranteed for all the products you buy from them except dedicated IPs and dedicated servers. You can find out more about the terms of service and refund policy by reading through support literature at official site.

My hosting account was suspended. What can I do?

Your account may have been suspended for either of two reasons – you were late paying your bill or violated company rules. For late payments, accounts are suspended until dues are cleared. Logging in to the client order area will tell you if there are any unpaid invoices.

Alternately, your account can also be suspended if you have been involved in hacking, spamming, port scanning, dealing in offensive or adult content. Reply to the suspend notification emailed to you at the earliest to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

After three such suspensions, we may ask you to move to another hosting company or switch to a dedicated server. Serious offences will lead to account termination without notice.

What Operating Systems are used on WHB servers?

Shared servers use FreeBSD and CentOS Linux. Clients can install any Linux OS like Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, Gentoo, OpenSUSE and others on VPS or Windows Server 2008 or 2012 as well on Xen VPS or dedicated servers.

Can I transfer a domain to you?

WHB accepts transfers of domain registration for certain extensions including .co.uk, .us, .net, .com, .info, .biz and .org. The domain in question should be “Unlocked”, older than sixty days, not within seven days of expiry, and showing the customer’s current information for the administrator contact the request will be sent to.

How are your services monitored?

Nagios is a software that WHB for server monitoring, which checks every 2 minutes to see that our web servers are available. As soon as a server goes down, our technical team gets to work fixing it with minimum downtime. Reports of monthly server uptime and other announcements are also published on our forums and blogs.

Webhostingbuzz dedicated IP price?

If you want to know how much does a dedicated IP address cost, we know the answer. They are charging $30 dollars a year for each dedicated IP installed to your domain. You will require this if you are going to purchase SSL certificate and setup HTTPS webpages. The dedicated IP is comes with free setup and their support personal will assign the new IP address to your cPanel account accordingly.

Webhostingbuzz domain registration cost and price?

They offer some of the cheapest domain registration, it cost $10.99 for .com and .net TLD. Their price is significantly less compare to most other registrars. They also sell .co.uk domain extension for as little as $7.58 a year.

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